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Found a neat way to manage simple video URLS all within a Craft template. If the client is submitting either Vimeo or Youtube URLS you can do this regex – {% set id = entry.videoLink|replace(‘/(http:|https:|)\\/\\/(player.|www.)?(vimeo\\.com|youtu(be\\.com|\\.be|be\\.googleapis\\.com))\\/(video\\/|embed\\/|watch\\?v=|v\\/)?([A-Za-z0-9._%-]*)(\\&\\S+)?/’, ‘$6’) %} {% set service = entry.videoLink|lower|replace(‘/(http:|https:|)\\/\\/(player.|www.)?(vimeo\\.com|youtu(be\\.com|\\.be|be\\.googleapis\\.com))\\/(video\\/|embed\\/|watch\\?v=|v\\/)?([A-Za-z0-9._%-]*)(\\&\\S+)?/’, ‘$3’) %} {% if ‘youtu’ in service %} <iframe src=”{{id}}?autoplay=1″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen […]Continue Reading


We have been a devoted ExpressionEngine user since version 2.0. EE created an environment that enabled a freedom that WordPress just wasn’t creating for us. The workflow and practices took a while to master, due to a pretty overwhelming amount of choices and box ticking. But soon with the right mix of favoured addons you could taylor […]Continue Reading


A concept for a 3D figurehead game    Continue Reading


  I have recently made an AS3 IR Led tracker for this whack-a-Pyramid game, where children stamp a pyramid model onto a projected table surface to catch a pyramid as the Nile scenery passes by. As i only need to track one LED i decided to do all the tracking within the adobe air framework […]Continue Reading


  In a recent collaboration with Jason Hawkes I have been helping create 360 panorama views from the sky for his clients. See the latest 360 view from a chopper over the 2012 Olympic site here…Continue Reading


A recent project for the science museum made me experiment with 3D in flash. (without using papervision). I created this example just using vectors and as3, but the possibilities for making an efficient page turn effect just in flash using movieclips can work very well. You can even evolve this for making a pop up […]Continue Reading