We have been a devoted ExpressionEngine user since version 2.0. EE created an environment that enabled a freedom that WordPress just wasn’t creating for us. The workflow and practices took a while to master, due to a pretty overwhelming amount of choices and box ticking. But soon with the right mix of favoured addons you could taylor your site to you and your clients needs. Even so there is always a curve ball around the corner due to its parsing order or a missed upload setting. In this way EE was a giant step in the right direction, but a lot of unnecessary bloat to circumnavigate.

As the years have passed, updating has been ok, thanks to the Updater addon (Devdemon). As well as easily managed templates via Mountee (A brilliant tool). I should point out that both these additions have a price tag. Though every update has come at the cost of some addon or plugin not supporting a new feature. The most recent victim being Mountee, which will not function in EE 2.8+.

Having picked up Craft for the first time this year, and due to its templating system (Twig) and its extremely client friendly CMS, I am a believer. They have taken EE’s best objectives as well as getting rid of the headaches. I love the simplicity of it all. No more adding plugins for a very simple task, as Craft will power what you think. It is an extremely flexible and fast way of dealing with your content. The support also seems to be very real and responsive. Bottom line is they care about this product, and it shows.

If you take a CMS like Craft and use a responsive framework like Pure CSS it is a perfect starting point for good web design. Thank you for creating Craft!